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Bradford Telegraph and Argus makes the news again.

The latest story on the Hold The Front Page website...  More journalists to lose jobs at the Bradford Telegraph and Argus It can't be great reading for students who are hoping to be journalists when the Newsquest group are shedding eight more jobs whilst proclaiming on their own website... "WELCOME TO NEWSQUEST We are a media company with a difference. We are committed to bringing a voice to your region. We invest in passionate teams of journalists in cities, towns and communities throughout the UK, delivering authoritative news that our readers trust." In case you think they are short of money... "Our parent company is  Gannett Inc , the largest news publisher in the US. Gannett is listed on the New York Stock Exchange."

Night shooting with Canon 6D and Magic Lantern

A little bit of night shooting at the campsite yesterday evening, ideally I would have shot a little earlier whilst there was some light in the sky, but I forgot and left it a little late for these test shots. Canon 6D assisted by Magic Lantern. We use an ANPR system for our entrance and exit barriers and certain other gates throughout the site. I'll be re-shooting these scenes hopefully when we get a nice clear evening, and I'll have to change the angle or shoot earlier for the last picture as the whites in the reception building have 'blown out', and I was unable to recover detail from the RAW file.

Henlow Bridge Lakes Tribute Festival 2017

Last weekend saw the second annual Henlow Bridge Lakes Tribute Festival here in Bedfordshire, which was a great success with beautiful summer sunshine throughout the two days of the event. The comperes were Alan Collins and Becky Phillips, with the main tributes being... Madness (The Los Palmas 6) The Blues Brothers (On a Mission) Blondie (Atomic Blondie) Abba (Gimme Abba) The main acts were supported by the ever popular 'SwanVesta Social Club' who had a fantastic set on both days with their Cuban/Latino dance party extravaganza. There were also appearances by local acts 'Something Else', 'Corruption', 'Acoustic Al', Becky Phillips, Cath Flynn with the Henlowettes and Alan Collins providing wacky entertainment for both the kids and the grown-ups throughout the weekend. The weekend was so busy that I never stopped working long enough on my main job to be able to shoot the acts properly, but I did get a few pictures of the happy crowd, the staff and

Banned from my local newspaper!

I recently blogged about the T&A Camera Club, and also the article from the NUJ which gave the reason for it, and now I have been punished! I feel very strongly about my local newspaper, The Bradford Telegraph & Argus which is using local photographers for FREE content via their Facebook 'Camera Club' as part of the NEWSQUEST incentive to get free content for all their publications. The group is offering a share of the £9,000 prize for the ones who can get the most FREE copy and images in their centres. It does not bode well for any young people who were hoping to make a living from Journalism in the future. Other publications pay for content (I've had six published for payment in the last month alone) so any 'photographer' on my friends' list who is providing free content for 'exposure' is free to unfriend me, because if YOU value your work, you should put some actual monetary value on it. BTW I commented on their 'Camera Club

Love to see your pictures in print? So do Newsquest.

It is very flattering to see your pictures in the newspapers and magazines with your name at the side of them isn't it? Well here's your chance to join a Facebook group which wants to share your 'local' pictures for free! Yes, it won't cost you anything, and it won't cost them anything either, and the beauty of it is, (for them) that they can use it right across the NEWSQUEST group, also at no cost to them. "Send your snaps of everything from community events large or small, new angles on familiar places or even breaking news if you find yourself in the middle of the action." Yes, they even want you to post your pictures from live news events, and let's face it, it beats having to employ professional photographers or actually pay for stock or news images. Newsquest now employs more salespeople than journalists. This is from my local newspaper, but it looks like it is being rolled out at all the NEWSQUEST titles. Join the new Telegraph & A

Images we find on the internet are free, right?

If you are a publisher of a magazine or newspaper it's surely Editorial 101 to check sources and provenance of all your content before you go live, isn't it? Would you enter a supermarket, take some goods without paying, then put them on your own shelves to sell? Of course not, you're honest right? So, why do we still see images being infringed when they (the infringing publishers) can either employ a professional photographer to take some shots or licence an image from a stock library? One such publication has just had to pay for the illegal use of one of my images to the value of over $400 (USD 212.50 to me) because they didn't even try to contact me for use. Thanks, Pixsy , yet another successful result for us both. I look forward to good results for the rest of the outstanding infringement cases you are handling for me. It wasn't the picture below but was a very small image of a bar and restaurant used in an online directory.

Can you afford to let people post images on your site?

I have a collection of images on Flickr which are almost the same as my website images here. Some of the images have a little copyright notice on them, but all of them have a copyright notice on the bottom of the page, thus... © All rights reserved This means that it's not ok to simply take an image and post it wherever you like, 'because it was found on the internet'. Over the years a few of mine have ended up on different websites without permission, and although it is annoying to see blatant infringements, it has been difficult and time consuming to stop it. That is until PIXSY.COM was brought to my attention. It's easy to use, you simply show them the address where your images are, and they look for those images around the web using reverse image searching software. You are then presented with pages of matches, some of which are just similar, but many of which are your own pictures