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Police and photographers during the Corona Virus Pandemic.

Will you get banged up for being out and about? The Covid pandemic is changing a lot of peoples lives, not least editorial photographers. Leaving home is allowed for work if you can't work from home, which, in the case of editorial photographers means we are allowed to travel to shoot pictures which we hope will be used by the media to accompany news stories, or even to generate news stories, but we also go out to shoot stock pictures, which are often a bigger part of the way we earn a living. According to posters on various photography forums, it seems that this isn't so straightforward, with some photographers meeting aggressive police intimidation or enforcement of 'Covid Rules', including being prevented from shooting pictures or being removed from public places when they are trying to go about their lawful business. Even when showing a press card there are reports of photographers being prevented from working, but, most photographers who I know don't even own a