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Images we find on the internet are free, right?

If you are a publisher of a magazine or newspaper it's surely Editorial 101 to check sources and provenance of all your content before you go live, isn't it? Would you enter a supermarket, take some goods without paying, then put them on your own shelves to sell? Of course not, you're honest right? So, why do we still see images being infringed when they (the infringing publishers) can either employ a professional photographer to take some shots or licence an image from a stock library? One such publication has just had to pay for the illegal use of one of my images to the value of over $400 (USD 212.50 to me) because they didn't even try to contact me for use. Thanks, Pixsy , yet another successful result for us both. I look forward to good results for the rest of the outstanding infringement cases you are handling for me. It wasn't the picture below but was a very small image of a bar and restaurant used in an online directory.